Contracts release 1.0.0

Contracts version 1.0.0 was just released.

Version 0.10.1

  • Add function cancelTrustlineUpdate(address counterparty) to cancel a trustline update request in between msg.sender and counterparty.
  • Add applyInterests external function to manually apply interests
  • Change signature of functions transfertransferFromdebitTransfertransferReceiverPays
    so that it no longer takes _to argument but takes a complete path including sender and receiver (BREAKING)
  • Change: Lower the absolute max value of balances from 2**71 - 1 to 2**64 - 1 to match maximum transferable value
  • Change the way how to add authorized addresses to call transferFrom. Users can now add an authorized address
    for themselves
  • Remove self destruct from Currency Network
  • Remove owner from Currency Network
  • Remove boolean return values from Currency Network functions.
  • Remove ERC20 related functions: spendablespendableTototalSupply, and balanceOf
  • Remove function updateTrustlineDefaultInterests
  • Remove unused outstanding fees field in trustline (BREAKING)
  • Bugfix: emit Transfer event also on closeTrustlineViaTriangularTransfer
  • Bugfix: Prevent overflows in closeTrustlineViaTriangularTransfer
  • Bugfix: Prevent overflows in interests calculation
  • Bugfix: Prevent overflows in debt tracking