Version: 1.3.0


Use tl-deploy --help to find out about the relevant commands:

Usage: tl-deploy [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...
Commandline tool to deploy the Trustlines contracts
--version Prints the version of the software
--help Show this message and exit.
currencynetwork Deploy a currency network contract.
exchange Deploy an exchange contract.
identity-implementation Deploy an identity implementation contract.
identity-proxy-factory Deploy an identity proxy factory.
test Deploy contracts for testing.

To get help about a specific command use tl-deploy COMMAND --help.

Deploy a Currency Network#

A currency network contract handles all trustlines with the same denomination. It allows for transfers between the users of this network.

You can deploy a currency network with the name Testcoin and symbol TST by using the command

tl-deploy currencynetwork Testcoin TST

To find out more about the possible options, use

tl-deploy currencynetwork --help

The mandatory arguments are the NAME and the SYMBOL of the network. All other parameters are optional as they have either default values or are not needed in some cases.

Deploy an Exchange#

An exchange allows users of different currency networks to exchange 1. trustlines currencies, 2. trustlines currency for ERC 20 tokens and 3. trustlines currency for wrapped Ether. This exchange is an extension to the 0x protocol, adding support for Trustlines currencies.

You can deploy an exchange with

tl-deploy exchange

To get further information, use

tl-deploy exchange --help

The address of this exchange can be used as input for the --exchange-contract option when creating a currency network.

Deploy Identity Contracts#

We use identity proxy contracts to enable the use of meta-transactions. Through that, new users can directly interact with the deployed currency network contracts without the need of coins to pay for transaction fees. Therefore two contracts need to be deployed.

  1. Implementation of the identity contract
  2. Identity proxy factory contract

Identity Implementation#

This contract is the implementation of an identity contract. We need to deploy it to set the implementation of deployed identity proxies.


tl-deploy identity-implementation

To get further information, run

tl-deploy identity-implementation --help

Proxy Factory#

The proxy factory contract is used to create identity proxies, where the implementation need to be set.


tl-deploy identity-proxy-factory

Same as above you can get further information on the usage by running

tl-deploy identity-proxy-factory --help