Trustlines Smart Contract Platform

This documentation explains how to deploy Trustlines smart contracts, for creating your own currency network and trustlines exchange. The exchange functionality is not fully supported at this point. The current documentation is written for an Ubuntu Linux system.


  • Python 3.6 or up and dev dependencies
  • pip
  • git


apt install build-essential python3-dev python3-virtualenv virtualenv pkg-config libssl-dev automake autoconf libtool git make

One of the dependencies used is the secp256k1 library. If you're using python 3.5 on linux you can skip the following step, since pypi contains binary packages for secp256k1. If not, you'll have to run the following to install the secp256k1 C library:

git clone
cd secp256k1
./configure --enable-module-recovery
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

Deployment tools#

This section runs through the tooling necessary for deploying the contracts.

Ethereum client#

To deploy the Trustlines smart contracts, you need access to an ethereum client, e.g. geth or parity, which is synced to the chain you want to use. The client needs to expose the JSON RPC endpoint. Additionally you need an account with enough ether to pay for the contract deployment.

Deployment setup#

Please run pip install trustlines-contracts-deploy to install the tl-deploy tool from PyPI. Solidity itself isn't needed anymore.


The tool tl-deploy allows you to deploy the relevant contracts.

Use tl-deploy --help to find out about the relevant commands or read further in the deploy documentation.


To start developing install the development dependencies into a venv with pip install -c constraints.txt -r requirements.txt

Download and install the solidity compiler solc into bin for compiling the contracts

curl -L -o $HOME/bin/solc && chmod +x $HOME/bin/solc

The contracts can be compiled with make compile. This will create a file contracts.json with all the compiled contracts.


For testing we use pytest with an ethereum tester plugin. The tests can be run with pytest. Please not that this will recompile all contracts automatically, there's no need to call make compile manually.


Please run make install to install the trustlines-contracts-bin and trustlines-contracts-deploy tool from the git checkout.

Change log#