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Types of contracts

Currency Networks#

The currency network contracts represent the core logic of Trustlines. They dictate how trustlines are opened, updated, and closed. They also implement transfers in between users and how fees and interests are calculated.


The exchanges contracts are implementing an exchange which could be used to trade the currency of a network for the currency of another network, an ERC20 token, or wrapped ether. Their features are not currently fully supported by the protocol.



The Trustlines protocol migrated to Gnosis Chain and instead of our identites contracts, we now use Gnosis Safe L2 v1.3.0 as Identity.

The identity implementation contract allows to represent a user as a contract on a blockchain. It enables the use of meta-transactions where a delegate pays the blockchain fee of a transaction for a user. To reduce the costs of deploying an identity for a new user, we instead deploy a proxy contract that points to a reference identity implementation. This deployment is done by the identity proxy factory contract.