Trustlines relay server

This documents describes how to install the trustlines relay server for local development.

If you’re trying to setup a complete trustlines system, please visit Running the trustlines system

The relay server provides a REST API. Please visit the REST API Documentation page for more information.



An installation of the relay server requires at least the following components:

  • PostgreSQL header files
  • Python 3.6 or up
  • pip
Installation on Ubuntu

Please issue the following command to install the prerequisites on ubuntu 18.04

sudo apt install build-essential python3-dev libsecp256k1-dev python3-virtualenv virtualenv pkg-config libssl-dev automake autoconf libtool git libpq-dev

To install all needed development dependencies run the following commands in a fresh virtualenv

git clone
cd relay
pip install -c constraints.txt -r requirements.txt
pip install -c constraints.txt -e .

If you plan to make changes to the source code and open pull requests on github, please consider initializing the pre-commit hooks. The installed git pre-commit hooks run flake8 and black among other things when committing changes to the git repository

pre-commit install
pre-commit run -a

After running those commands, the relay server is ready to run. Please run tl-relay --help to get an overview of available options.