Cloud Backup

The app allows the user to create a backup of private data that can not be restored from the relay server, e.g. off-chain messages, contacts, activated currencies. The user can either create a backup as plain text or save it on a cloud provider of their choice. This document aims to give an overview on the used libraries to enable this feature.

Supported Providers#

We currently support following cloud providers:

  • Google Drive
  • iCloud Drive (only iOS)

Used Libraries#

Following libraries are used to enable the cloud backup feature:


If the user creates a cloud backup, roughly the following flow is triggered:

  1. Check if user is logged in.
  2. Create a local backup file.
  3. Copy the local backup file to the respective cloud.


The implementation of this feature can be found in the source code under:

  • /src/shared/helpers/cloud/*
  • /src/shared/helpers/restore/*
  • /src/shared/helpers/hooks/googleAuth.js
  • /src/shared/helpers/hooks/backup.js

Known Issues#

iCloud Drive#

It is currently not possible to check whether a valid Apple ID is logged in on the iPhone or not. So if a user is logged out and tries to create a backup on iCloud Drive, the app errors on step 3.