This docs are for maintainers of the app or for people interested in creating a similar deployment.


Make sure to install the Firebase CLI and the required Ruby gems before continuing.

bundle install --path vendor/bundle

Android Credentials#

To deploy to the Google Play Store or Firebase App Distribution you need the respective credentials.

  1. Get keyfiles from Google Drive - AppSecrets.kdbx (Trustlines/Secrets) - Trustlines AppSecrets Key.key (Temp Secrets)
  2. Open AppSecrets.kdbx in KeePass with key Trustlines AppSecrets Key.key
  3. Open Android PlayStore Keystore
  4. Download google_play_store.json and trustlines-release-key.keystore and .env.secret to mobileapp/keyfiles
  5. Make sure .env.secret has a leading dot


You can either use the wizard by running

yarn run deploy

or directly fastlane by running

bundle exec fastlane <OS> deploy_<FLAVOR>

Running the wizard gives you a prompt to specify additional options like:

  • select an OS (Android / iOS)
  • select a target (develop/staging/production)
  • to bump the version before deploying

The Android app will be uploaded to the Internal testing stage and can be promoted to higher stages from here.

The iOS app is uploaded to the TestFlight stage of the app store and can be submitted for testing/approval by Apple from here.

Google Play Store#

All configuration and uploaded apps can be found at: Google Play Store Console

Apple AppStore#

All configuration and uploaded apps can be found at: AppStore Connect