System Setup and Preparation#

  • Setup AppStore with your Apple ID
  • Install XCode & XCode Commandline Utilities
  • Install brew (get instruction from )
  • Install Cocoa Pods sudo gem install cocoapods
  • Install git brew install git
  • Install coreutils brew install coreutils
  • needed to run sudo xcode-select --switch /Applications/
  • Install watchman brew install watchman
  • Install bundler sudo gem install bundler
  • Install pods in ios dir cd ios; pod install

For Internal Contributors#

  • Setup fastlane for ios distribution bundle exec fastlane ios profiles ( look at the 1password vault for passwords )
  • Setup fastlane for local development bundle exec fastlane match development -a bundle exec fastlane match development -a


We have 3 different targets to build:

  • develop
  • staging
  • production

Each target can be build in debug or release config.

The Build Phases tab includes custom steps, that are unique to this project:

  • Version iOS Build: Reads the current app version from the package.json and updates the xcode project
  • Copy Firbase Environment File: It is a little tricky to use multiple Firebase environments in one project. We copy a matching firebase env file while building to accomplish this. ( Notice the difference between targets here )